We understand what matters to your business

In business, it is vitally important to reduce costs and accelerate cash flow. Your sales force works hard to generate revenue. Difficulty in turning sales into cash flow can seriously impact your business and greatly reduce the contribution of your sales force to your company’s bottom line. Consider this:

$10,000 in bad debt needs $166,667 in sales
to recover the write off (assuming a 6% profit margin)
We all know money doesn’t grow on trees. It’s time to put the dedicated experts at AIM to work for you! We have a solid track record of turning even the most difficult accounts into positive cash flows.

Our team will provide you with an analysis of your accounts, giving you the information you need to minimize the number of delinquent accounts. We work closely with you to ensure we engineer and install optimum processes and procedures - credit controls, cash flow management, business credit checks, and full credit control management. AIM is so dedicated to your business success that we will go the ‘extra mile’ to help you uncover the root of your accounts receivable issues and ultimately improve your bottom line.

We understand you need specialized expertise coupled with the appropriate resources and technology designed to accommodate and streamline all of your credit and collection needs.

AIM has a team of highly trained experts in debt recovery who utilize sophisticated technology to maximize your debt recovery.
This ensures that no account is left behind, regardless of dollar amount or type. Furthermore, our ongoing investments in technology means you will always have convenient access to the status of your accounts with the peace of mind of knowing you are using safe, secure, state-of-the-art file transmission protocols.

We understand you need a partner in credit management and personalized service that meets your unique requirements.

AIM provides ongoing, extensive training to our team of professionals to ensure they AND our entire operation represent a value-added partner to your company.
As an extension of your company, we want only what is best for you. Our professionals carefully analyze each debtor profile and customize collection techniques to  secure maximum recovery, minimize negative repercussions, and stay in tune with your company’s strategy, goals, and reputation.  From the very beginning of the process, we will determine the collection protocols you prefer to ensure our efforts are achieving your desired results.

We understand what it means to go the extra mile.

AIMs strength is its people who are committed to having a positive impact on our clients profits. Account loads are kept lower than industry average to ensure that our collectors are able to spend more time on each account to maximize recovery rates.
AIM collectors are further supported by a higher than average number of skilled administrators who ensure you always get prompt, efficient, reliable,and effective customer service. Our core employees average from between 20 to 30 years of service and, collectively, our multilingual staff has accumulated over 200 years of experience in the industry! In any given year, less than 0.5% of debtors we deal with (compared with an industry average of 5-10%) lodge a complaint against us with the government – an impressive testament to the sensitivity, diplomacy, and professionalism of our team of collectors.

We understand you need superior customer service and convenient, hassle-free access to our staff.

Whether you have a simple question or require an in-depth consultation, you are guaranteed to speak to a real person.
We take our commitment to you and your  business so seriously that you will always have direct access to our company president.
We are so confident in our debt collection team that we invite you to take the AIM Challenge We guarantee that our team can outperform your current debt collection provider.
At AIM, we provide you with a wide array of effective options that all contribute to your bottom line and free you up to focus on growing your business.